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Photo Restoration

If you have an old photograph that is damaged we can help. We are the photo restoration experts.

We can restore and repair damaged photographs, remove blemishes, colorize and tint old black and white photos. Using our own digital photo restoration experts we can achieve a result that will more than impress.

All prices include VAT.

To discuss your requirements further please contact us. Click on the button below for the contact details at our Didsbury site.

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Photo Restoration Prices

Level of Restoration Price Description
Level 1 14.99 Fading, discoloration, small scratches and blemishes removed, red eye removal
Level 2 29.99 Tears, creases, missing corners, marks and stains (except on faces, hands or other complex areas)
Level 3 39.99 Repair of complex areas such as faces and hands, removal of subjects, replacement backgrounds, repair of extensive damage