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Hanging Padded Print Wrap 16" x 12"

£34.99 Canvas Finish, No Framing

£29.99 Lustre Finish, No Framing

£29.99 Glossy Finish, No Framing

£44.99 Canvas Finish, Black Edge

£39.99 Lustre Finish, Black Edge

£39.99 Glossy Finish, Black Edge

£44.99 Canvas Finish, White Edge

£39.99 Lustre Finish, White Edge

£39.99 Glossy Finish, White Edge

£44.99 Canvas Finish, Silver Edge

£39.99 Lustre Finish, Silver Edge

£39.99 Glossy Finish, Silver Edge

Hanging Padded Print Wraps Both eye-catching and unique, our Padded Print Wraps are the new alternative to traditional Canvas/Mounted Prints. Available in both Wall and Desktop sizes, these products are perfect for both home and office. Wall and Desktop sizes available Lustre/Gloss print finish or Canvas Wrap Float hanging system for wall products Sleek metal stand for desktop Padded board for a subtle cushioned appearance

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