110 & 126 Camera Film Processing

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5" x 4" PRINTS



Please add £1.00 extra when ordering prints with borders.

What are your opening times?
Our opening and production times are Monday-Saturday 9:00AM - 5:30PM

What are your turnaround times?
Our turnaround time is usually 1-3 Days. E6 Slide processing is generally run once a week so turnaround may be slightly longer on these.

How do I receive my scans from your Wetransfer service and do you return my negatives?
We will send your scans to the email address you have provided on the online order form and here you can select if you require your negatives to be returned.

How do I send my film?
Sending your film is easy. Please refer to the film page you require for step by step instructions only three steps and your done.

Can you push my films?
Yes on special request. (Add this as a comment on your online order)

Do you offer bulk discounts?
Yes we certainly do! Please email us for a quote.

What equipment do you use?
We use state of the art Noritsu film processors and Fuji Frontier Printers.

What papers do you use?
We have a choice of Fuji Professional Lustre or Fuji Glossy.

What happens if my film comes out blank?
We really hope this doesn`t happen but if it does then we only charge you for the development of your film.

How long are my We-Transfer files stored for?
You have a week to download your files but don’t worry we also keep your files stored for one month.

How To Order

film ordering step one

Step 1

Place your order online through our website on desktop or mobile and check your email for confirmation

film ordering step two

Step 2

Package up your films with your Full Name and Order ID and send to: DS Colour Labs, 720 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2DW.

Please ensure that you include your order number.

film ordering step three

Step 3

Sit back, relax and await your return postage or We-Transfer link to be sent over to your email. It’s that easy!

Alternatively you can download our print at home order form here.

PLEASE NOTE: When arranging your delivery of your film to us, please ensure you use the correct amount of postage on your parcel. Most parcels will need to be taken to the Post Office to go as a large letter or small parcel.