Luxury Photo Book Boxes

Looking to make that Luxury Book just that little bit extra special? Why not upgrade to one of our Luxury Book Boxes?

Available in the same variety of cover and colour options as our Luxury Book, these boxes provide that special finishing touch - for those looking for that complete package.

Choose to wrap your box to match your book, choose an alternative colour or even opt for an Image Wrap Box – the choice is yours. De-bossing available for Leather Finish and Suede options - Free of Charge.

  • Available in Linen, Glossy Linen, Leather Finish, Suede, or Image Wrap
  • De-bossing available for Leather Finish and Suede options
  • Charcoal card frame base
  • All Hand Made in the UK

We can offer bespoke sizes on these products. Click on the button below for contact details at our Reddish site.

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Luxury Photo Book Box Prices

Size De Bossing Material Cover (£) Image Wrap Cover (£)
6x6 foc 20.00 25.00
8x8 foc 25.00 30.00
12x8 foc 30.00 35.00
10x10 foc 30.00 35.00
12x12 foc 35.00 40.00
16x12 foc 40.00 45.00
All prices include VAT