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"School Photography Redefined"

DS Colour Labs are proud to partner with GotPhoto to offer a secure online school photo ordering system for photographers. This system replaces traditional proof cards with a password-protected portal, making it easy for parents to order photos from the comfort of their own homes.

The system also offers a streamlined workflow, making it easier for photographers to upload and process photos. This frees up time for photographers to focus on what they do best: taking great photos.

School photography is a demanding job, and it's important to have a reliable partner who can help you with the editing workflow and printing. That's why we're proud to partner with GotPhoto to offer this secure online ordering system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders can be delivered as a batch either to yourself or the school once the ordering deadline has elapsed. We can also ship orders directly to parents, either after the deadline is up or as soon as you’ve uploaded the files.

Yes, you can offer a proofcard with a range of packs and products that also includes details on how to order online. These can be automatically generated for all customers, or only the ones who haven’t already logged on.

At the moment the system can only generate A4 / A5 PDF’s, however if you convert these to a JPEG and re-size to a 9x6 you can order through our lab as standard prints.

Yes, as well as the pre-made packages you can mix any of the products we offer to make bespoke packages with your own pricing.

Yes, you can offer single or all files at multiple resolutions with your own pricing

No, and as there is no monthly charge to pay on the basic package it doesn’t matter if you shoot one school a year or a hundred.

Yes, for photos of more than one child just take a photo with each child’s password card (up to 5) in the frame and these will be automatically assigned to each password.

Yes, just upload the SIMS data while setting up the job and this will automatically generate password cards for each child name with their name on.

Yes, you can integrate a password entry button on your site which will then take customers to your online store.

Yes, multiple passwords can be assigned to group photos so they can be accessed by a specific set of parents.

Although designed with schools and nursery photography in mind, the system is also suited to portraits, weddings, graduations, events and all other areas of photography.

Each child’s order will be individually packaged in a see-through bag.

No, you can upload your images at full-resolution. The ordering system allows parents to adjust the crop on their photos if necessary.

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