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Technical Support from DSCL

Our knowledgeable team at DSCL are always happy to answer any technical questions you may have. Whether it's cropping an image or downloading our software, you can speak to us in office hours (9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday) via our phone lines detailed below, or alternatively by email (see below). You can also watch our YouTube videos by selecting the icon below which may give you some tips and helpful hints.

Technical Support Availability:

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm

Technical Support Phone:

Phone +44 (0) 161 474 8680

Technical Support Email:


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Here at DS COLOUR Labs Ltd we use Fuji Frontier 570 printers. All images should be supplied as sRGB or with our own profiles as JPEG files at 300 dpi and sized to the correct output size required. If your files are not sized we will scale your Image to fill the paper selected only on option 1 & 2. We have our own profiles which can be downloaded above. Prints are available in glossy, lustre or Pearl (Fuji Metallic). Please note all files should be set as sRGB not as CMYK.

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Calibration / Colour Profiles

Downloading Colour Profiles:

  1. Click on the icons above to download the Colour Profiles. Make sure you select Save rather than Run.
  2. Save the profiles to your desktop.
  3. Once the profile is downloaded to your desktop right click on the profile and select install profile.
  4. Now this profile is on your computer and will be in your list of profiles in programs such as Photoshop etc. It will appear in the profile list as 'DS Colour frontier crystal archive' (for Glossy) and 'DS Colour frontier' DP2 (for Lustre). If you would prefer to drop the profiles direct into the profile folder on your computer see below.

Installation of profiles direct on to your MAC computer:

  • Users of OS prior to OS10.7 - Macintosh HD/Libary/Coloursync/Profiles
  • Users of OS10.7 onwards - Go to folder and open -/ Libary/Directly. On the keyboard press Command+Shift+G from Mac desktop (or Finder>Go>Go to Folder)and type in ~/Library (a tilda not a hyphen) to temporarily access the Libary directory in the finder.

Installation of profiles direct on to your PC computer:

  • My Computer (normally C or D drive)/Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Colour.

Click here to see a video on DSCL colour profiles

DSCL handles all the paper profiles for our Fine Art printing. If you would like further information or any of our large format profiles please contact us at info@dscolourlabs.co.uk

Paper Type Data Sheets:

pdf iconFuji dp11 pro Lustre paper spec

pdf iconFuji ca Glossy paper spec

pdf iconFuji Pearl paper spec

Step by Step guide to Editing your image:

  1. First and most importantly please ensure your monitor is correctly calibrated. Click here to see a video on how to achieve this.
  2. Then open a file in Photoshop, or whichever editing programme you use, and edit your image in sRGB colour working space.
  3. Then make sure your image is sized correctly using the Crop tool and setting the width and height to the size of print you require at 300 dpi. This will ensure your image is the right size, please note your files will be copped 2-3mm
  4. Once you have edited your file you may wish to softproof your image. To do this click on View/Proof Options/Custom and then select either our Lustre or Glossy profile to see a very close representation of how the image will print. Click here to see video on soft proofing.
  5. If you are happy with this click Edit/Convert To Profile then select the appropriate colour profile and click Ok.
  6. Save this image and it will be of optimum quality to print. (save as perceptual not relative for best results).

We advise you do a small test order first using our colour calibration image. To obtain our calibration image right click and save on the link below:

Click here to see our calibration image

Open this image in Photoshop and follow steps one to six above, then email us this file directly here. We can then check this image in comparison to our settings and let you know if this image is correct or requires further adjustment.

For further information on ICC Profiles and colour management etc the following site is very informative. Please note that not all editing software supports the use of ICC Profiles. Currently, you are definitely able to create and use ICC Profiles from all CS versions of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Aperture, Corel Painter, QuarkXPress and Qimage amongst others.


Screens are often overly bright and be aware that your monitor colours may differ from your prints unless calibrated. Monitor calibration devices are an inexpensive way of calibrating and controlling your workflow, no matter what quality of monitor you have it is always best to make the most of what you have. Soft proofing helps to guide you prior to printing and always consider the difference between projected light (monitors) and reflected light (paper).

To purchase a monitor device please see the link below:

Monitor Calibration Devices in our Online Shop

Please Note:

If you are adding text to your files please leave at least a 4 to 5mm border from the edge of the file as machines do vary and cropping may occur. Please note when ordering A3 and 14x11 sizes that these sizes are only available on Option 1 & 2 - these sizes will need trimming down.

Ordering odd sizes online please use the advice below as examples:

If you require a 9x9 size you would make your canvas size 10x10 as this is our nearest print size then make your image size to be 9x9 then this will put the 9x9 in the middle of the 10x10 print.

For any further assistance please give us a call Tel +44 (0) 161 474 8680 and we will endeavor to help your through the process.

Image sizes and Pixel Dimensions

All files should be sized as the table and at 300dpi. There are various ways of resizing your images the link. Click on the button below for a free download for doing just this:


For any other size of print pixel dimension click on the button below:


Print Size In Inches Pixel Dimensions
5x3.5 1500X1050
5x4 1500X1200
5x5 1500X1500
6x4 1800X1200
5x3.5 1500X1050
6x4.5 1800X1350
7x5 2100X1500
7.5x5 2250X1050
8x6 2400X1800
9x6 2700X1800
5x3.5 1500X1050
8x8 2400X2400
9x9 2700X2700
10x7 3000X2100
10x8 3000X2400
A4 2475X3510
12x8 3600X2400
10x10 3000X3000
10x8 3000X2400
12x10 3600X3000
11x11 3300X3300
14x11 4200X3300
15x10 4500X3000
12x12 3600X3600
A3 3510X4950
16x12 4800X3600
18x12 5400X3600
20x16 6000X4800
24x16 7200X4800
20x30 6000X9000