Aluminium Print Panel Collage 24"x16"

£52.99 Straight Edges, Lustre Paper

£54.99 Curved Edges, Lustre Paper

£52.99 Straight Edges, Glossy Paper

£54.99 Curved Edges, Glossy Paper

£59.99 Straight Edges, Pearl Paper

£61.99 Curved Edges, Pearl Paper

£59.99 Straight Edges, Velvet Paper

£61.99 Curved Edges, Velvet Paper

£59.99 Straight Edges, Kodak Metallic

£61.99 Curved Edges, Kodak Metallic

New Aluminium Print Panel collages are produced in our Float style only. We offer a choice of straight or curved edges. You can also choose from one of our Fuji Professional papers Glossy,Lustre, Pearl, Velvet and Kodak Metallic.

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