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With years of experience in processing film, DS Colour Labs is one of the UK's leaders in film processing . All films are monitored throughout the day through the Fuji Oasis Quality control system. Our quality and service is second to none.

  • Printed on Fujifilm colour paper for professional quality
  • DS Colour Labs quality guaranteed
  • Fuji Hunt OASIS Pro quality control system
  • 35mm and 120 Roll Film

We print from both 35mm and 120 films. We can print from colour, black & white and E6 formats. Our machine prints are printed to the highest quality. Each negative is screen assessed, colour and density corrected to provide you with the highest quality work. Gloss or lustre finish available.

Please note all our film and analogue services are fulfilled at our Didsbury site. Please send your films etc. along with our appropriate order forms to DS Colour Labs Ltd 720 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2DW.

All prices are for mail order only and include VAT.

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If you have a large order please contact us for a free quote. Click on the button below for the contact details at our Didsbury site.

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Size in Inches/Quantity Price
5x4 2.00
5x5 2.00
6x4 1.00
7x5 2.00
7.5x5 2.50
8x6 2.50
9x6 3.00
8x8 4.50
10x7 5.00
10x8 5.50
12x8 6.00
12x10 7.50
12x12 8.00
15x10 8.50
16x12 9.50
18x12 11.00