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  • We have an extensive range of acrylic products, with various sizes, styles, colours, and finishing options – so we are sure to be able to cover your needs.

  • All acrylic products are made using only the very best Crystal Clear acrylic panels and blocks, all of which are finished with Diamond Polished edges.

  • All wall products are delivered ready-to-hang, and desktop products are shipped with the relevant standing mechanism as required.
  • Fujifilm Origonal Photo Paper
    Style options*: Float, Classic, Frosted Aperture and Multi Panel
    Format*: Square, Rectangular, Circle.
    Besoke Sizes: Besoke sizes available on all Acrylic products
    Thickness options*: 5mm, 8mm, 15mm, and 25mm.
    *Product Dependent.

    Acrylic Panel Price List


    8x8 20mm Acrylic Blocks Usually £32.99 Now Only



    9x6 20mm Acrylic Blocks Usually £31.99 Now Only



    12x8 20mm Acrylic Blocks Usually £39.99 Now Only



    18x12 5mm Float Acrylic Panels Usually £44.99 Now Only


    Offers End Midnight 31/01/2020

    See below for a list of the products available and click though to discover a little more information regarding your chosen product.
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