Standard Proof Card Schools Service

~No Longer Available~

We are sorry to inform you that our standard proof card schools services are no longer available.

Why Has it Ended?

Our Standard School Service Runs
on Legacy Software

This means it is an outdated computing software with no available updates and will eventually stop working.

Manual Process With
Slow Upload Speeds

The order and upload process is slow and time-consuming and involves a lot of admin time for photographers, schools and our lab.

Old-fashioned Proof Cards
and outdated Packs

The proof cards are old-fashioned and you are restricted on what you can offer to your customer.

Have You Tried Our Online Schools Service?

How It Works

You take the photos
- GotPhoto sorts them

When uploading your photos, the GotPhoto system automatically creates a private gallery for each child.

Parents order
photos online

Straightforward online ordering for parents on any device. You can create packs, download files, save wish lists, and more!

We produce and
ship your orders

Easily fulfil your orders with us, and then we can either send them directly to parents or in one batch to the school.

More Benifits of GotPhoto

Secure customer access

Registration and access codes are secure ensuring that parents only see photos of their own children. The entire shop is SSL-locked to encrypt and secure transmitted data.

Large product range

Create your own custom photo packs, set your own prices and choose from our vast range of photo gifts and wall products.

Easy payment

Your customers can pay via credit/debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. You decide what options to offer – the ball is in your court.

QR Tagging

Shoot with QR codes for an integrated and seamless upload. Each photo series is then automatically assigned to each child upon uploading.

Exclusive GotPhoto Offers for DS Colour Labs customers

Got Photo Shortcuts

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