12" x 8" Citi Block

£23.99 Black Edged, Fuji Lustre Paper

£23.99 White Edged, Fuji Lustre Paper

£23.99 Black Edged, Fuji Glossy Paper

£23.99 White Edged, Fuji Glossy Paper

£26.99 Black Edged, Fuji Pearl Paper

£26.99 White Edged, Fuji Pearl Paper

£26.99 Black Edged, Fuji Velvet Paper

£26.99 White Edged, Fuji Velvet Paper

£26.99 Black Edged, Kodak Metallic Paper

£26.99 White Edged, Kodak Metallic Paper

£26.99 Black Edged, Fuji Maxima Paper

£26.99 White Edged, Fuji Maxima Paper

Citi Blocks are a modern alternative to our acrylic blocks. Sizes up to 9″ × 6″ are for free standing and larger sizes will come with wall fixing attachments so all you need to do is decide where to display them. We offer two choices of edge finish Black or White. We also offer any of our C-Type Print finishes Glossy, Lustre, Pearl, Velvet and Kodak Metallic.

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