12"x8" Aluminium Flush Framed Prints

£29.99 Lustre Paper, Matt Black

£29.99 Glossy Paper, Matt Black

£34.99 Pearl Paper, Matt Black

£34.99 Velvet Paper, Matt Black

£34.99 Kodak Metallic, Matt Black

£29.99 Lustre Paper, Satin White

£29.99 Glossy Paper, Satin White

£34.99 Pearl Paper, Satin White

£34.99 Velvet Paper, Satin White

£34.99 Kodak Metallic, Satin White

£29.99 Lustre Paper, Satin Silver

£29.99 Glossy Paper, Satin Silver

£34.99 Pearl Paper, Satin Silver

£34.99 Velvet Paper, Satin Silver

£34.99 Kodak Metallic, Satin Silver

£32.99 Lustre Paper, Flint

£32.99 Glossy Paper, Flint

£34.99 Pearl Paper, Flint

£34.99 Velvet Paper, Flint

£34.99 Kodak Metallic, Flint

£32.99 Lustre Paper, Oak Veneer

£32.99 Glossy Paper, Oak Veneer

£34.99 Pearl Paper, Oak Veneer

£34.99 Velvet Paper, Oak Veneer

£34.99 Kodak Metallic, Oak Veneer

Our new ‘Low Profile’ aluminium flush framed prints, offer a slight twist on traditional framing. Produced without glass, these lightweight and modern ‘open front’ frames allow for a more direct and none restricted view of your framed artwork/photography.

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